Sony Set to Make Gaming More Mobile; Patents Dualshock Controller Smartphone

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Sony group, it appears may have a smartphone with a PlayStation controller in the works. This rumor was sparked by a patent revealing two controllers connected to what seemed to be a smartphone, which had earlier surfaced online.

The leaked picture reveals that the device has some semblance with the configuration of the DualShock controller found in PlayStation 4. The company announced the Xperia Play smartphone which had dedicated Dual Shock-style game controls and six-axis motion capabilities about nine years back.

According to the Video games Chronicle who was privy to site the patent of the Sony device, which had been filed by the company’s branch in Japan, the device described as having an actual left and right side grip part, has a lot common with the DualShock controller from PS4 than the DualSense design from PS5.

The patent’s illustration also suggested that the controller would come with a shaft part that could be tilted by the user and could detect the tilt direction and amount of the shaft part. Which for gamers could translate to mobile gaming on the PlayStation via the cloud with a smartphone.

Although the actual device that is eventually developed may not be as it is on the patent, and the company could decide to use a third-party controller to stream and play Xbox games, gamers could still find solace in their old PlayStation consoles.

When the Sony Xperia Play smartphone was released, it had a 4-inch screen with slides exposing DualShock controller-like buttons, Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 SoC, and 205 GPU with 1GB of RAM in Sony Xperia Play. Which comes with a 400MB of inbuilt storage, expandable with a microSD card up to 32GB. The device also possesses a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash backlight.

The smartphone has preloaded Ames and allows users to load as much as 70 more games via the PlayStation pocket store.

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