Reddit Incorporates Real-time Typing and Comment Indicators Tools

Reddit Incorporates Real-time Typing and Comment Indicators Tools

Reddit has announced that its new real-time features, voting, and comment counting animations, typing indications, reading indicators are going to be available today on desktop, iOS, and across all android apps.

According to the company, it aimed to change users’ experience in that voting will no longer be static on posts and feeds, as users will be able to count as it rises and falls as well as an animated representation of numbers of comments on the post.

Reddit noted that the typing indicator will alert users to the number of people typing in real-time, with a display via an anonymous avatar count shown in the comment window. Adding that while the privacy of users will be protected, the feature was designed to keep users engaged with content regularly.

The reading indicator also alerts the user about the number of people reading. With the new feature, users can see comments as they are submitted and sorted by their newness.

Furthermore, the company noted that these enhancements are targeted at improving Reddit’s overall engagement with and amongst its users.

The real-time capabilities were introduced, following Reddit’s recent release of a variety of video tools. The company had earlier said that its short-video platform, Dubsmash will be taken down by next year February, while some of its features will be incorporated into the Reddit platform.

Other features introduced come with the ability to change recording speed and set a timer, submit videos in landscape, portrait, fill modes as well as for trim and edit several clips. Also, users can add voice and control the volume from the editing interface as well as a new editing screen with text, stickers, filters, and drawing tools.

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