Instagram Launches New Feature; Rage Shake

Instagram Launches New Feature; Rage Shake

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri happily took to Twitter to announce that to improve user experience, the company has introduced two new features, the first of which is the “anger shake” function, which he claims will allow users to report concerns with the app with only a shake. According to Mosseri, fury shakes will enable the company in prioritizing bugs and other issues on Instagram.

“The new function, dubbed “anger shake,” allows users to shake their phone to report any issues they encounter with the app. When the device is shaken, a pop-up window should display inquiring whether anything went wrong, and then you go on to file any complaints you have with the app from there”, he said.

In his Twitter video, Mosseri inquired if Instagram users if at any point they have used the app and it didn’t work the way they expected it to or stories wouldn’t load, the audio wasn’t functioning, or a photo couldn’t be uploaded, saying all they need to do now is to shake the phone, and a small choice will appear, allowing users to report an issue.

Mosseri also revealed the carousel removal feature, which he described as a “finally feature,” or a feature that users have been requesting for a long time and that should have been available sooner. The feature allows users to delete lone photos as against the former way of deleting an entire carousel due to a single lousy shot.

“Simply click the three dots in the top right corner of your carousel, select “edit” (not “delete”), then swipe to the photo you wish to delete.

Then, on the upper left-hand side of that photo, click the little erase button”, Mosseri said.

Currently, the carousel function is only available on iOS, however, regardless of platform, all US Instagram users can rage shaking right away.

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