Instagram Introduces New Feature for Teenagers


In a landmark software update, parents can now determine the amount of time their children spend on the social media platform, Instagram. Parents will be able to see how much time their kids use on Instagram and set time limitations for them, while teenagers will receive prompts to take a break.

This new feature comes just a day before Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is set to testify in front of a panel of US Senators looking into online safety. In recent months, Instagram has been under growing scrutiny due to teen use of the platform.

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced in a statement on Tuesday. He stated that the Meta-owned corporation had been focusing on tools to provide healthy environments for young people that use the application.

He stated it will be released on Tuesday in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

According to him, if a user has been surfing for a particular period, the new function would prompt them to take a break from Instagram and propose that they create reminders for periodic breaks.

He added that the feature would also display to kids professional advice to “help them reflect and reset.” According to him, teen users would receive notifications to enable break reminders.

Instagram also announced that in March 2022, it would release a new tool for parents that will allow them to track how much time their children spend on Instagram and set time limits for the app. Teens will also be able to opt-in to a process that will alert their parents if they make a report against an Instagram user.

Mosseri also mentioned that the platform is looking into new techniques to check people’s ages on Instagram to create a safer area for teens.

Instagram already has time limitations; users can voluntarily set a daily time limit and receive a message when that limit is reached. Mosseri also announced a new bulk-management mechanism for Instagram accounts.

Beginning in January, a program will allow users to see all of their posts, as well as all of their likes and comments, in a sequential list, and to pick multiple items to the trash in bulk.

Other changes announced on Tuesday included a broadening of the app’s messaging restrictions, so that individuals no longer be able to tag or mention kids who don’t follow them.

Another feature shows that “if people are focusing on one issue for a while,” Instagram will “nudge” users towards different forms of material. Mosseri didn’t say what kinds of content the “nudge” would apply to, how it would function, or when it would be applied. In an illustration on the blog article, the sole example supplied was that a visitor who had looked at beauty topics would be interested in travel, interior design, or dogs.

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