Apple’s Digital-ID Program Postponed Until 2022


Apple’s much-anticipated digital driver’s license feature has been postponed until early 2022.

The initiative, which was unveiled in September, will allow residents of eight states in the United States to keep state IDs and driver’s licenses in their iPhone’s Apple Wallet app.

The postponement comes after Apple stated that it wanted “sole control” over how states implemented the function.

According to reports, the new function will cost the public money.

The postponement was originally discovered by the technology website MacRumors in an update to Apple’s iOS 15 pages.

Outside early 2022, Apple has not announced a particular deadline for the functionality.

Then there are contradicting details on the company’s website, with the ID function still slated for “late 2021” on the software’s All-New Features page.

States such as Arizona and Georgia will be the first to use the system, followed by Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Apple has stated that it is in talks with other US states, including Florida, as it tries to make the function, which was unveiled at a June event, available nationwide in the future.

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) airport security checkpoints would be the “first locations” to deploy the system, according to Apple.

Certain users were concerned about handing over their devices to police or security personnel because of personal data.

Apple now claims that users need not open or turn over their phones for security screening to work.

However, it is vague whether or how it will function for other types of ID, such as drivers stopped by police.

This new development from Apple has been described by digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation as “a big step towards national identification, in which every time people walk through a door or buy coffee, a record of the event is collected and aggregated”.

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