Apple to Launch Self-driving Electric Vehicle in 2025


Apple’s long-rumored but unofficially revealed electric vehicle has met several speed bumps and detours along the way, but a recent source claims that the Apple Car’s roadmap has been finalized, with a fully autonomous self-driving electric vehicle expected by 2025.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple Car development team was earlier stuck deciding between two development paths: a more traditional Electric vehicle (EV) with some enhanced driver-assist features similar to what you get from several existing vehicles or a more refined EV capable of truly driverless vehicles with no input from its passenger.

According to the report, Project Titan (Apple’s codename for the Apple Car) and its new project leader Kevin Lynch have chosen the latter path, with Apple aiming to build a fully driverless vehicle with no pedals or steering. However, selecting to build a truly self-driving car won’t be a walk in the park, as no carmaker has yet to develop a Level 5 autonomous vehicle, which is described as a vehicle that can drive itself in all conditions or driving situations without the need for human involvement.

According to previous reports, Apple’s EV ambitions included potentially engaging Hyundai to offer an EV platform on which Apple could build its tech, but negotiations of a deal broke through as Hyundai executives allegedly wanted to avoid being reduced to the role of the component seller.

According to the story, Apple is considering a futuristic car design with more open-concept seating, akin to what EV startup Canoo has demonstrated in its vehicles, as well as enormous “iPad-like” displays to host the car’s infotainment. Apple is reportedly considering not adding a steering wheel, as well as outfitting the automobile with some sort of emergency takeover mode.

Apple recently completed much of the design for a new processor designed to regulate and manage Project Titan, as well as installing updated self-driving sensors on its current fleet of test vehicles, marks an important milestone for the Apple Car’s autonomous driving system. Adding that, instead of selling individual cars, Apple is exploring building a self-driving pool that would function similarly to Uber or Lyft.

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