Apple May Launch Transparent AirPods and 29W Charger Designs

Apple May Launch Transparent AirPods and 29W Charger Designs

Apple Inc may be in the process of designing a translucent charger and Airpods, as seen in leaked photos of the prototypes for Airpods and Apple transparent 29W USB Type C connector surfaced online recently. Although the company is yet to make an official announcement about designing any such product, what it may be aiming for with the transparent casing and the mechanics employed to achieve it are apparent.

The picture of the prototype which was posted on Twitter by the renowned collector of all things Apple, Guilio Zompetti, shows a transparent model of Apple Airpods and an Apple 29W USB Type-C power adapter, with a clear plastic coating of the earphone shell and stem.

Also, the interior side of the True Wireless Stereo headphones is visible through the classic white plastic. While the exact model displayed in the picture is unclear, there are speculations that it may be a first or second-generation AirPods.

However, because the Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro are available in color white only, which implies that the transparent casing may just be one used for testing by Apple engineers to get a close look at the design being worked on.

The Nothing Ear 1 TWS now has a transparent outer casing and charging case, as seen at its launch in the UK. The 29W power adapter was first introduced in 2015 with the 12-inch MacBook but was later ousted for the 30W USB-C power adapter.

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