Apple May Debut New Augmented Reality in 2022


The long-awaited Apple Augmented Reality (AR) headset is billed to debut sometime in the second quarter of 2022. According to famous Apple analyst, Mint Chi Kuo, the headset may be included with iPhones billed for next year.

After Apple revealed the ARKit framework to developers, rumors had trailed the release of the headset. Kuo also confirmed some speculations about the features of the headset. Saying it would have a video see-through technology, allowing users to see the actual environment and view computer-generated visuals. Which in turn expands the usage of the device beyond the regular consumer, to medical personnel, factory settings amongst others.

The Head Mounted Display (HMD), as Kuo referred to the headset, claims to include a variety of sensors for tracking eye movement and a boost of 15 cameras among other functions. He said Genius, as one of the largest suppliers of optics for the Apple headset, was also supplying camera lenses for iPhones presently and has submitted a patent for the gadget that uses the headset to layer Augmented Reality content over real environments in the United States.

He went on to say that the Apple AR headset might cost $1,000, putting the device within the range of some of the company’s iPhones and iPads. However, whether Apple would release various models of the headset at different price ranges remains to be seen.

Over the years Apple’s interest in augmented reality has been public knowledge, which is why the company has opened up its ARkit platform to developers to create AR capabilities for its devices, such as the Light Detection and Ranging sensors which are also meant to improve AR applications.

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