Amazon Suspends Self From Twitch Over Violation of Nudity Rules

Amazon Suspends Self From Twitch Over Violation of Nudity Rules

Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has suspended an Amazon Prime Video channel after a presenter seemed to bare her breast during a live presentation.

On Sunday, Twitch stopped the official Spanish-language Prime Video channel for no apparent reason.

But, the incident occurred during a segment on the discussion program Esto es un Late.

The use of partial or full nudity on camera is strictly prohibited on Twitch.

“We ask that those who identify as women conceal their nipples. We do not allow underbust exposure “The community guidelines for the service state this.

It also prohibits “sexually suggestive content,” such as focusing the camera on the “breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region.”

The hosts of Esto es un Late were nearing the end of their weekend broadcast when one of them, comedian Henar Alvarez, slipped her blouse halfway up, seemingly joking that it was one way to end the hour-long show.

She laughed as she remarked, “We’re about to be banned,” she said laughing. “Come on. They’re going to ban us!”

For a brief while, the stream switched to a title card before returning to the live feed just as Ms. Alvarez’s breast disappeared.

Mister Jagger, another co-host, later tweeted that Esto es un Late is the “greatest program in the world.”

It’s the first instance an Amazon-owned company has been suspended from Twitch, according to gaming news site Kotaku.

It’s unclear how long Prime Video Espana will be unavailable. The details of disciplinary proceedings are rarely made public on Twitch, and bans might vary in length.

For individuals seeking to have a ban lifted or shortened, the live-streaming giant offers an appeals mechanism.

Twitch, which began as a video game streaming site but has since evolved into an all-purpose network, has had several issues with sexually suggestive content over the years.

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