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On the Watch: States and Cities Renters Are Protected From Eviction

On the Watch - States and Cities Renters Are Protected From Eviction

As evictions continue to be a problem for tenants, at least eight states and more than 20 localities have regulations in place to protect families from being evicted.

Even though the country is recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, more than 15% of adult renters say they are behind on their rent, with as high as 28% of African American-led households stating the same. According to one study, the average renter in arrears owes $3,700. However, in some locations, rental debts per household exceed $10,000.

These debts won’t go away until additional federal rental help reaches households, according to advocates, but the $45 billion in aid allocated by Congress has been delivered at an inexplicably slow rate. Up to this point, below $13 billion has been spent.

The national eviction moratorium, which had been in effect since September 2020, was lifted in August after the Supreme Court declared the measure unconstitutional.

Eviction protections are still accessible to about half of renter households, according to experts, because several states and towns have put their limits on the processes.

Most tenants in New Jersey and New York will have to wait until January to be evicted. New Mexico has also made it illegal to force renters out of their houses, though no date has been set for when this protection will end.

According to an analysis by the COVID-19 Eviction Moratoria Team, several other jurisdictions have eviction limitations connected to the rental aid process that will endure until 2022.

The rules differ by state, but in Connecticut and Virginia, for example, a landlord cannot remove a tenant until he or she has asked for federal assistance.

Nevertheless, eviction procedures in Oregon, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C. are postponed for a timeframe while a renter’s federal assistance application is underway. Showing that you have sought rental assistance in Nevada can be used as a justification against eviction until June 2023.

Most renters in Los Angeles will not be evicted from their homes until January 31, 2022. Austin, Texas, will have an eviction moratorium until December 31, 2021, and Seattle will have one until January 16.

Several other cities offer further protections, and advocates advise anyone who is behind on their rent to learn about all of their options as quickly as possible.

Major takeaways

Although the federal eviction ban has expired, some states such as New York, New Jersey, and New Mexico have enacted their moratoriums.

Many cities are also continuing to put a stop to the proceedings. As a result, over half of all renters in the United States still enjoy certain rights.

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