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Factors to Consider When Choosing Realtor to Sell Your House

Factors to Consider When Choosing Realtor to Sell Your House

A lot of realtors will flock at your door when the news gets around that you are selling your home, eager to put your house on the market on your behalf.

Realtors are compensated on a commission basis, which means the more homes they market and sell, the more money they make. However, you’ll want to walk away with some cash, so being picky pays off, knowing fully well that some realtors are better than others, just like in any other career.

Comparison between realtor and agent

A realtor is not the same as a real estate agent. Both must be licensed in their respective states, but a realtor is also a member of the National Association of Realtors, an association that guides the practice of its professionals, and for unethical or incompetent work, a realtor’s membership might be revoked.

There is also a differentiation between agents and brokers, in that agents are employed by brokers, who are paid a percentage of the commission received on the sale of your home. Selecting an agent who is also a broker increases your chances of a successful sale. This does not rule out the possibility of one of the broker’s agents selling your home, but that agent will be held accountable to the realtor you select.

Sales history

Another factor to consider is the realtor’s track record, to show the number of houses he/she has sold and by extension, the expertise gathered over the years. The professional history of a realtor reveals much more, like the types of houses he/she has sold in the past.

If your house is high-end and has numerous amenities, a realtor who specializes in selling first homes to young buyers might not be the best fit. And also make sure to check if the realtor is familiar with the area.

Quiz your prospective realtor

Your property is probably a very valuable asset amongst others, so whoever agent will be in charge of its sales has to be scrutinized and quizzed thoroughly. Don’t sign a listing agreement and then wait to see how hard your agent will work to sell your house, instead inquire upfront about how she wants to do so and the actions she plans to take to advertise your home.

Charisma is fundamental to the sale

Even though your relationship with your realtor will be a brief one, you should find someone with whom you get along well. The selling of your house is a significant transaction, and you and your agent will be working closely together, hence choosing one who is charismatic. Also look at things from the point of view that if she irritates you, buyers and buyers’ agents will find her bothersome as well, which may not augur well for a quick sale.

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