Why Lixte Biotech Shares Trading at Premium Over 100%

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Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc.’s LIXT main clinical molecule, LB-100, enhanced the receptivity of various tumors to immunotherapy in preclinical tests.

In mice models of colorectal, triple-negative breast, and pancreatic cancer, treatment with LB-100 was linked with novel antigen generation, tumor infiltration of cytotoxic T cells, and improved responsiveness to immune checkpoint blockade, according to the findings.

“The results of Yen et al. raise the prospect that adding LB-100 to immunotherapy may be a straightforward strategy to turn ‘cold’ tumors into ‘hot’ tumors, hence increasing the percentage of patients receptive to immunotherapy,” stated John S. Kovach, Lixte’s founder, and CEO.

In a new experiment, Lixte is combining LB-100 with chemotherapy and an immune checkpoint blocker in patients with advanced-stage small cell lung cancer, and then administering the immune checkpoint blocker alone in the maintenance phase of treatment.

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The company is interested in participating in collaborative trials to see if LB-100 can improve the efficacy of immunotherapy in a broad sense.

Price Action: LIXT shares are currently trading at $2.99, up 121.5 percent since the last market check on Wednesday.

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