Measured Insurance Pilots Cybersecurity Vendor Partner Program

Measured Insurance Pilots Cybersecurity Vendor Partner Program

Measured Analytics and Insurance (Measured Insurance) is developing a new cybersecurity vendor partner program.

According to a press release from Measured Insurance, the new CyberGuard Central initiative is a “collaborative endeavor” between security experts and cyber technology vendors. Measured Insurance will pick recommended cybersecurity solutions providers for its cyber insurance customers through the initiative. A measured risk calculator for risk quantification and industry benchmarking tools will be available to program vendor partners.

Measured Insurance director of insurance Zach Atya said, “Since its beginning, Measured has made it a goal to develop a worldwide security ecosystem that enables for holistic cyber risk management.” “The scope of cyber threats is rising all the time, and by bringing all the parts together with CyberGuard Central, we can improve the security posture of SMBs all around the world.”

Atya was just promoted to Director of Insurance. Nick Pearson was hired as an underwriter, and Minerva Novoa was hired as a project manager, both at the same time. All three have joined Measured as the company strives to continue its strong growth in the middle market.

Measured Insurance offers cyber insurance to businesses in the United States with annual revenues of up to $500 million.

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