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How to Find the Best Grants for Your Organization

How to Find the Best Grants for Your Organization

Finding the Best Grants for Your Organization

The Grants Research Guide

Are you a grant writer, nonprofit director, or business owner searching for grants? Do you get confused, tired, or easily overwhelmed with the results you get while looking for grants? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are not an expert researcher or grant professional. This article will be exposing the tricks for finding eligible grants in the easiest and fastest of ways.

How and Where to Find the Best Grants

Search Engine (Google) 

As we all know, search engines are the first places we consider whenever we need an answer to a question. Although there are different search engines with the popular ones being Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc.

We’ll be focusing on Google (since it’s the best and biggest) for clarity and effectiveness. The key thing to know while running a search on Google is the use of keywords. It is even more important while carrying out grant research. The effective manipulation of certain keywords can bring magical results.

How do I get the keywords?

Do not panic, it’s pretty simple!

Say I own a nonprofit organization that provides shelter for the homeless in Atlanta, Georgia. If I want to research grants available for my organization on Google. My keywords would be nonprofit, Atlanta, Georgia, and homeless. Of course, you can’t just flaunt these keywords carelessly for refined results.

To research a grant for my nonprofit, I’ll type the following set of keywords in the search box.

– “Grants for nonprofit”

– “Grants for nonprofit in Atlanta”

– “Grants for the homeless”

– “Grants for Georgia nonprofits”

Using the “AND” and “OR” special functions, one can also run effective searches on Google. Grants for nonprofit “AND” ATLANTA. I’m sure that’s pretty clear.

To further help you in deriving keywords for your research, I have generated a template. Whether you have a nonprofit, For-Profit, or an individual looking to find the next available grants, this template will help you. Just do well to complete each sentence with your personalized answer.

  • Grants for “name of the city” “nature of business”
  • Grants for “name of the state” “nature of business”
  • Grants for “women” or “men” or LGBTQI “
  • Grants for “NICHE or Type of business”
  • Grants for “name of city” “startups”
  • Grants for “race” or “ethnicity”
  • Grants for “name of the city” “profit or nonprofit”
  • Grants for “type of project” (grants for building a house)

The Best Resources for Finding Grants

Using search engines can be effective. However, they can turn out to be a very difficult process. Before you give up again. Do well to go through the list of resources that can help smoothen and provide a better grant that you or your organization might be eligible for.

1. is the go-to website for all federal government grants. It is the best and reliable database to find the latest funding opportunities. All the free money that the federal government has distributed or intends to distribute can be found on

There is hardly any category of grants that is not on this database. Grants, loans, and cooperative agreement funds for small businesses, nonprofits, individuals, and other entities.

Although, one can quickly get overwhelmed by this database. There are, however, filters to refine search results. Keywords are also important on this platform.

2. Instrumentl

This is one of the best platforms for finding grants. They have a category for almost all types of federal, state, government agencies, and private foundation grants. Results can also be filtered by state, city, types of business, etc.

Although, it is a premium service database where you have to pay to access some grants. There is a 14days free trial that you can use to access the compiled eligible grants.

3. Grantwatch

Grantwatch is another private subscription-based platform that supplies grant information. They have a personalized URL for almost all the states in the United State.


Acronym for Small Business Development Center (SBDC). This resource center is best for business owners because they offer local, state, and federal grant services to business entrepreneurs. They also assist from their local offices in each state.

5. SBA

SBA is the acronym for the Small Business Administration. Although the SBA is best known for providing loans and assistance to business owners. They also have a segment for grants. However, these grants are usually for business owners.


This is a nonprofit organization supported by the SBA to provide help to local business owners. They can help entrepreneurs find grants or keep them updated grants. They can also help to review grant applications.


SBIR is the short form for the Small Business Innovation Research while the STTR is an acronym for the Small Business Technology Transfer. Both organizations are backed by the SBA.

They provide grants for businesses that deal in Research and Design (R&D), innovation, and technology. They invest in high-risk tech and early startups.

8. Amber Grants

This is a type of grant specifically designed for women. It has been in existence since 1998 in honor of the memory of Amber Wigdahl. They award $10,000 to women entrepreneurs every month and $25,000 every year.

9. 211 is specifically set up for providing help, food, mental health, and healthcare expenses. They also provide resources to help individuals. They can be easily reached through phone calls.

10. First Nation Development Institute

First Nation Development Institute is a nonprofit organization founded in 1980. They provide financial grants, technical assistance, and training to American natives. They empower native American communities.

11. Hello Alice

Hello Alice is the resource for every American entrepreneur, especially women entrepreneurs. They provide updates as regards different grants. Also, they provide resources and training to ensure that the members of their communities win grants.

In Conclusion

Finding grants is not a day’s job. It takes discipline, dedication, and perseverance. The resources provided will surely guide you to finding the most eligible grants for your business. If it however gets too complicated, a grant professional should then be considered. Good luck in all your endeavors.

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