What Does MATIC Crypto Stand to Gain from a New Wallet Integration?

Polygon MATIC

In the wake of some really exciting news, the price of Polygon (CCC: MATIC-USD) has climbed by more than 12% in the last 24 hours.

MATIC bitcoin investors are optimistic that predictions of a crypto winter will end now that the winter solstice has passed. Polygon is now the 14th most valuable cryptocurrency by market value, behind Shiba Inu’s (CCC: SHIB-USD) current value of $19.8 billion.

Opera stated today that Polygon will be supported in its native wallet. In 2018, Opera, a classic web browser, included a built-in crypto wallet as well as Web 3.0 functionality. Polygon Opera would become the first layer-2 token to be supported as a result of the migration.

Users of Opera would also have “seamless access” to Polygon and the network’s approximately 3,000 decentralized apps. Support for Polygon, on the other hand, isn’t slated to begin until Q1 of 2022.

Furthermore, the rollout will be limited to Android users at first. Users of iPhones will have to wait a little further.

Opera has just stated that starting in Q1 2022, it would offer Solana (CCC: SOL-USD) on its native wallet. This is fantastic news for both cryptocurrencies, as Opera has a 380 million-strong online fanbase.

Price Forecast for Polygons

  • CoinQuora predicts a price of $7.50 in 2022. This projection offers a whopping 186 percent gain over current pricing. Based on technical research and Polygon’s continuous developments and partnerships, CoinQuora generated its price projection.
  • DigitalCoinPrice forecasts a price of $4.06 in 2022. This forecast suggests a 57 percent increase in value. The price forecast of DigitalCoinPrice is based on a proprietary algorithm and historical data.
  • Likewise, WalletInvestor predicts a price of $4.05. in 2022. This price projection, in particular, predicts a 54 percent increase in value. Furthermore, WalletInvestor’s artificial intelligence model and technical analysis are used to make this prediction. According to the website, sentiment surrounding the MATIC cryptocurrency has been bullish in the last 30 days, with a strong resistance mark at $2.75.
  • Gov Capital forecasts a price of $3.94 in 2022. As a result, this prediction has a 50% chance of coming true. A “special algorithm” based on deep learning is used to make the forecast. The algorithm considers a variety of criteria, including market cycles, volume, and the performance of competing coins.

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