Viblos, a Blockchain-Based Social Network, Will Begin Beta Testing in March 2022

Viblos, a Blockchain-Based Social Network, Will Begin Beta Testing in March 2022

In today’s world, social media plays a significant role in people’s lives. However, numerous privacy concerns and other challenges have arisen, and many centralized bodies have yet to resolve them.

The need for a decentralized network has emerged, as expected, prompting many to strive to get a piece of the pie. With severe competition for market dominance looming, several enterprises are attempting to gain an advantage by releasing various incentives.

Such is the case with Viblos, a social network that aspires to be “the place to be” for users seeking democratized free social networks and offers a variety of passive income opportunities.

Viblos’ next-generation tokenized network is expected to launch next year.

Earlier this month, the project’s team announced the inaugural launch of its next-generation tokenized social interaction platform. Users will be able to use the beta version beginning in March 2022, with the complete rollout scheduled in Q2 2022.

Viblos will function as a tokenized platform that allows users to earn the native token VIBLO passively. However, the amount they earn will be determined by personal data and shared content.

Viblos will enable its clients to engage with investors, produce nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and tokenize advertising in addition to serving as a social network platform with a variety of functions. One of the project’s promises is that users will never be monitored or demonetized for publishing critical comments. Viblos has been a pioneer in this field by emphasizing the relevance of this promise.

The team has also stated that the aforementioned issues regarding privacy, compromised passwords, and government censorship have been addressed and that consumers would be able to obtain digital assets.

In terms of VIBLO tokens, a total of three billion will be issued at first, with the founders earning 20% of the total. The remaining 80% will be divided as follows: 10% will go to early investors, 5% to advisers and specialists, 5% to marketing and promotion, and the remaining 60% will be utilized for staking incentives and user exchange.

Exercising Leadership

None of the founders of initiators have direct access to their tokens now or in the future. They’ll only get tokens based on the project’s actual capitalization. This model was developed to prevent price dumping and the flow of millions of tokens into the market.

What Exactly is Viblos?

Viblos is unique in that it will provide users the option of opting for an ad-free experience or opting to view commercials and be compensated for doing so. Users can also employ tokenized advertisements to market their businesses, websites, products, and services.

It’s also worth mentioning that the project has promised to bring the concept of “renting out your data,” which allows users to keep control and ownership of their data while also monetizing it.

Viblos is a tokenized mixed social network that promotes democratic and free-expression-based social interactions and community building. While there are restrictions that should never be surpassed, Viblos will never demonetize or censor someone for having a different perspective, as most of the existing huge platforms do.


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