The Use of Replace by Fee in Bitcoin Transactions Increased Dramatically in 2021

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Replace by Fee is becoming more prevalent than ever in (BTC) transactions. This solution is used by about a third of all Bitcoin wallets daily.

Would you be willing to pay a premium to expedite your stuck Bitcoin transaction? You most certainly would, according to the data.

In 2021, the use of Replace by fee, a transaction feature on the BTC network that allows users to increase their fees after a transaction has been submitted, more than doubled, possibly indicating that increased Bitcoin adoption has resulted in increased competition among users to get their transactions on the next block.

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According to Bitcoinops’ statistics, the use of Replace by Fee transactions has increased from 14% to 28% so far this year.

According to the data, over a third of every 144 Bitcoin blocks employed the fee-boosting option, which was initially adopted in 2016 when GreenAddress (now Green Wallet) began to accept it.

During the first several years of its existence, the application of Replace By Fee had little impact. It surpassed the objective of 5% of transactions in 2018, and it will take another two years to attain the usage of 10% of BTC transactions.

The narrative shifted as early as the third quarter of 2020. The user base grew, the cryptocurrency craze spread to the financial world, and people began transferring Bitcoin in droves. Replace by Fee transactions accounted for 15% of all transactions in October 2020, 20% in April 2021, and nearly 30% by the end of the year, with a peak of 27.5 percent.

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The pattern is obvious. In the short term, the number of RBF transactions is increasing and there does not appear to be a clear percentile ceiling.

On the other side, the network’s daily transaction volume has dropped significantly from its peak of around 450K in 2019. Currently, over 260K transactions are performed every day, representing an almost 20% rise in Bitcoin activity since June of this year, when transactions dipped to less than 200K per day during a price slump.

In terms of usability, RBF usage is critical because it demonstrates a growing interest in fast transaction processing. Options, like Replace by Fee or Child, Pays For Parents help build a more flexible system for users as more businesses continue to present a more bitcoin-friendly face.

To accept a payment, a payment processor, exchange, or service provider, for example, may require up to six-block confirmations. The fee computation is something that many wallets already do for you. Even yet, in the event of a problem — and a buyer’s urgency— the use of Replace by Fee can spare the consumer from unexpectedly extended wait times.

If paying more for a speedier BTC transaction offends your new bitcoin-loving friend, it’s probably best to keep them away from the more popular NFT projects and DeFi protocols.

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