The NFT Auction of Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection Sees Millions of Dollars in Ethereum Bids

The NFT Auction of Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection Sees Millions of Dollars in Ethereum Bids

On Thursday, December 2, the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection auction of non-fungible token (NFT) assets began on the Superrare platform at Art Basel Miami. The Ulbricht NFT collection sale expires on December 8, and a bid of 666 ether (approximately $2.6 million) has been placed so far. Pleasrdao intends to lift the ante, as the “Free Ross DAO” auction on the collection has so far raised 1,042 ether, or $4.2 million.

The non-fungible token (NFT) Auction of Ross Ulbricht Is Expected to Bring in Millions of Dollars in Ether

The Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection auction, which took place at the commencement of Art Basel in Miami, was covered by News in the third week of November, this year. The collection consists of ten Ross Ulbricht artworks that were auctioned off on the SuperRare NFT marketplace platform.

“This is the first and only NFT to feature Ross Ulbricht’s work,” according to the statement. The Ulbricht NFT collection has had a lot of interest so far, and SuperRare analytics show that on Friday, December 3, a bidder knew as “@toxicbitcoinmaxi” outbid @starrynight with a bid of 666 ether. That’s about $2.6 million in USD at current ether exchange rates.

Following the 666 ETH bid, Brekkie, the creative director at Swan Studios, tweeted to his 40,000 Twitter followers that Ulbricht’s NFT art was “beyond inspirational.”

“Despite everything, Ross’s artwork is gorgeous, and his perspective on life is beyond inspiring,” Brekkie tweeted. “I hope that one day he will be able to enjoy the independence that so many of us take for granted daily.” Yes, I hate Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, but we are all humans, Ross especially.”

Ulbricht’s clemency petition on is 42,833 signatures away from achieving 500,000 signatures by Saturday, December 4, 2021.

Contender for the ‘Free Ross DAO’

Ulbricht’s NFT collection could be purchased by the Pleasrdao project, which wants to fractionalize the artwork, in addition to the bid by “@toxicbitcoinmaxi” on SuperRare.

“Ross Ulbricht developed Silk Road, introduced hundreds of millions to crypto, and was sentenced to two lifetimes plus 40 years in prison,” according to the Pleasrdao’s “Free Ross DAO” movement. “Today, we come together in support of Ross, raising funds to purchase his Genesis Collection while also denouncing the injustices of the American prison system.”

The “Free Ross DAO” has raised a total of 1,042 ETH, or $4.2 million in USD, as of this writing. “We shall Free Ross,” says the manifesto of the decentralized autonomous group. We will make progress on prison reform. We’re going to show the world Ross’s work and give everyone a chance to buy a piece of it.” Ulbricht, too, has stated that he wishes to assist his fellow inmates and that his “art is one way” he may do so.

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