‘Ready Player Me’ Raises $13 Million To Expand Metaverse Presence

'Ready Player Me' Raises $13 Million To Expand Metaverse Presence

‘Ready Player Me’ has raised $13 million in funding to build its metaverse platform.

In the year 2022, the three-dimensional avatar space plans to increase its digital presence across the metaverse.

Ready Player Me, a metaverse gaming platform, has raised $13 million in Series A funding headed by Taavet+Sten, the co-founders of Wise and Teleport, with contribution from Tom Preston-Werner, the co-founder of GitHub, as well as Samsung Next, Konvoy Ventures, and Gmoney.

The funds will be expended to further the platform’s objectives for avatar interoperability between metaverse realms. This project bolsters the argument that there are various digital dimensions rather than a single model, a criticism frequently levied at Meta, formerly known as Facebook, amid concerns about its intentions to monopolize the metaverse sector.

Aside from that, ‘Ready Player Me’ will hire over 70 people and help its developer community by introducing new application program interfaces and software development kits to improve the product offering and, as a result, the front-end user experience.

More than 1,000 enterprises and organizations, ranging from Somnium Space to Verizon, are using Ready Player Me’s avatar model today. In addition, the site has collaborated with well-known commercial brands such as Warner Brothers, Dior, and New Balance, among others.

On December 28, 2021, ‘Ready Player Me’ posted;

“The metaverse is a network of hundreds of virtual worlds where individuals can play, work, and interact, rather than a single app or game. It’s pointless to build a different avatar for each game or experience. Your avatar should be able to travel with you across the metaverse.”

In an official blog post, the team’s marketing manager, Daniel Marcinkowski, claimed that the team’s goal for the coming year is to “create the greatest avatar system for developers across the metaverse,” while CEO Timmu Tke stated:

“With the capital, we’ll expand our partner network and develop monetization solutions for developers to enable them to make money with avatar modification assets and NFTs,” says the company. Our ambition is to become the metaverse’s default system.”

A wider discussion on the ramifications of Web 3.0 — of which the metaverse is an essential aspect — has evolved on Twitter amid increased conjecture on the aesthetic qualities of metaverse worlds, consumer privacy and safety, the evolution of social interaction, and other technological problems.

The early creation of current Web 3.0 infrastructure, according to tech titan Jack Dorsey, is dominated by venture capitalists and restricted collaborations with classic Web 2.0 centralized intents. He claimed of Web 3.0, “It will never escape their incentives,” before realizing it is “ultimately a centralized entity with a different moniker.”

Dorsey received fervent support from several crypto specialists, supporters, and pundits, including Balaji Srinivasan, Farokh, and Tyler Winklevoss, as well as an occasional parody from Elon Musk, who proclaimed his consistent rhetoric of choosing Dogecoin (DOGE) over other crypto assets.

Dorsey left Twitter in late November to start work on tbDEX, a decentralized exchange project, and pledged to assist the growth of Bitcoin’s ecosystem to its full potential, possibly even surpassing the dollar, in his opinion.

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