MetaGods Receives a $3 Million Investment to Develop a Play-to-Earn 8-Bit Action Role-playing Game

MetaGods Games

MetaGods receives a $3 million investment to grow a play-to-earn 8-bit action role-playing game.

MetaGods, the first play-to-earn 8-bit action role-playing game built on the blockchain, has received $3 million in funding from backers. The ambition to integrate blockchain technology and the rapidly increasing gaming sector to transform the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has attracted several investors and partners.

MetaGods is the first blockchain-based 8-bit action RPG in the entire universe. Players will be able to build their mythological avatars and equip them with unique characters and abilities. Aside from fighting deadly monsters, the MetaGods blockchain will allow gamers to trade virtual things for cryptocurrency, allowing them to gain real money from their digital experiences.

Hashed, Mr. Beast, ABV, Cinchblock, BoxMining, Faculty Capital, Raptor Capital, CoinUnited, Magnus Capital, Banter Capital, and Icetea Labs are among the project’s generous backers.

This incredible collection of investors has earned MetaGods the boost and industry visibility they need to continue on their path. The funding will be used to develop MetaGods’ game and create a well-rounded platform for their community.

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MetaGods is a term that refers to a set of god

MetaGods is an 8-bit play-to-earn action RPG in which players battle the gods on their way to enlightenment. The marriage of mortals, demigods, and titans makes each NFT character. They’ll form alliances and fight epic bosses while gradually transforming into genuine gods.

A dual token system is used in the game. The platform’s two tokens are the $MGOD and $RELIC. $MGOD is the project’s governance token and may be used to participate in special events. $RELIC is a play-to-earn in-game currency that supports MetaGods’ play-to-earn system.

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