FTX.US Introduces Ethereum NFTs, Token Baby Sharks, and an NFT Drop Creates a Bug in the Matrix

FTX.US Introduces Ethereum NFTs, Token Baby Sharks, and an NFT Drop Creates a Bug in the Matrix

FTX, the company behind the hit song “Baby Shark,” is debuting NFTs this week.

NFT support has been extended to Ethereum in the United States of America, and more than 300,000 individuals are expecting Matrix NFTs.

The NFT revelations from The Matrix

The website’s purchase page crashed due to a high request for Warner Bros.’ Matrix NFT avatar drop on Nifty’s this week.

The film studio revealed earlier this month that 100,000 unique Matrix-inspired avatar NFTs would be available for $50 each as part of a promotional drive for the forthcoming Matrix Resurrections film, which will be released in theaters in December 22nd of this year.

After more than 300,000 Matrix fans waiting for the release on November 30, Nifty’s was forced to start and halt the line many times owing to “infrastructure challenges” caused by the maximum capacity.

Nifty’s (@Niftys) tweeted on December 1, 2021, “Hello once more, everyone. While we are still working through the launch not going as planned, we appreciate every single one of you who has stuck with us, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of our whole team.”

Other issues started to emerge after the line was interrupted numerous times, such as users being shoved up or down the queue, the buy button not working, and failed transactions during checkout.

There are still 347,133 people in line as of this writing, and the problems have yet to be rectified. Nifty’s said it is still working to resolve the issues and has offered every Nifty user who queued on Nov. 30 a free “glitch in the Matrix” NFT” as compensation for the inconvenience.

Baby Sharks That Have Been Tokenized

Pinkfong, the makers of the mesmerizing children’s song Baby Shark, is producing a series of NFTs based on the music video.

The NFTs showcase the Baby Shark character and its five family members in a sequence of animated and holographic GIFs accompanied by new original music, and the collection includes a 1/1 and five limited editions.

On December 3, the auction and sales will take place on Makersplace, with sustainability platform Aerial calculating and offsetting the sale’s carbon emissions. The starting price for the 1/1 NFT auction has yet to be determined, but the winning bidder will also receive a bespoke one-of-a-kind vinyl record of the music used in the film.

On YouTube, the Baby Shark music video has had over 9.7 billion views, making it the most popular video on the platform.

MBA students contribute $3,500 to a scholarship fund.

An NFT sale by a group of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students from the INSEAD graduate business school’s Paris campus raised $3,000 for the school’s Robin Hood Scholarship fund.

A Nyan Cat-inspired NFT dubbed “RobinGood #1” was designed by Ferdinand Issels, Michelle Yu, and two other students, showing Robin Hood riding a salamander from the school’s insignia. The activity was part of a week-long student-led fundraising effort for the school’s need-based scholarship fund.

The NFT was auctioned off in fiat currency to allow any student to participate, and it was purchased by Alberto Marega, a graduate and Goldman Sachs banker, for 2,600 Euros ($3,000), and has since been coined on OpenSea.

“It’s an incredible feeling to know that we were able to use this technology to help a good cause,” Issels said, adding, “I hope this encourages more people to look into the beneficial implications that blockchain-based technology may provide.”

Ethereum NFTs are now supported by FTX.

The US announced today that their NFT marketplace now accepts Ethereum-based NFTs.

In September, both FTX and its U.S. affiliate entered the market, launching NFT marketplaces with limited functionality. The next month, FTX.US expanded its platform by allowing Solanam-based NFTs to use it.

The FTX.US website now features a collection of collectibles from well-known Ethereum-based projects including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, and Pudgy Penguins.

Other Interesting Information

Guild of Guardians, an upcoming mobile-based NFT game, raised $5.3 million on Tuesday via the sale of two tranches of its native token GEMS. With roughly 808,000 users registering and more than 10,700 new GEMS hodlers purchasing a maximum of $500 worth of tokens, the sellout token sale was 82 times oversubscribed.

On Wednesday, Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the now-defunct dark web marketplace Silk Road, created a stir by announcing his own NFT drop, which will feature hand-drawn artwork that will be auctioned off on Superare later this month. The auction’s proceeds will go toward establishing a trust to support Ulbricht’s quest to get released from prison.

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