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Vitae (VITAE) was launched in 2018. Is a PIVX fork token that utilizes a network of Masternodes or Supernodes for decentralized governance and increased transaction privacy. Vitae token is a Proof-of-stake utility cryptocurrency.

Michael Weber is the founder of Vitae (VITAE). In 2011 he began this venture and took on the purpose of providing a path to prosperity for everyone. He studied philosophy, mathematics, and paid attention to trends. In 2014 he developed a company with his business partner Derek Burt which became the biggest undertaking he had ever faced. While he was in this company, he developed relationships with people all over the world, from Germany to Australia and from there to Canada. Michael has reportedly helped thousands of people around the world overcome financial difficulties.


Vitae token (VITAE) is designed to function as a utility token on the Vitae group social media application and the Vitae group’s social rewards website. It will have to run a function within the website’s programming. The primary attribute for the Vitae token within the website is a payment system. The way the Vitae system pays users is intricate and has multiple facets.

All transactions within Vitae’s social media platform rely on the Vitae token. This token allows smooth and secure transactions. The underlying technology could revolutionize the way we see and use money. This technology is Vitae’s blockchain.

Vitae Group’s Pursuit

Explained below are some of the major pursuits of the Vitae group:


One of Vitae’s driving forces is fairness. Vitae’s pursuit is to make sure everything it does is best for everybody in its community.


Another of the main components of Vitae’s platform is equality which means that everyone has a chance, no matter who you are and the background you may have, at Vitae, it is believed that you also can make it.


The organization had put a lot of effort and resources to ensure that the Vitae group is fully compliant with the laws and regulations. Having established a robust legal department to make sure everything is done correctly.

How Vitae (VITAE) Works

Vitae (VITAE), beta test-Launched December 26, 2018, is a crypto token that is to function as a utility token on Vitae’s Social media application and its Social Rewards Website. It was built to have a function within the website programming. The exact details of the Social Rewards Website are proprietary and are hidden until when made public. The Vitae (VITAE) token is functioning as a payment system on the website. Vitae (VITAE) is provided its utility as it remains the only method of payment on the Vitae (VITAE) website (even advertising).


Vitae (VITAE) is the utility token for its Social media application to enable access to the products and/or services offered by the company. VITAE is the ticker symbol of Vitae’s utility token. Vitae (VITAE) has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 VITAE and it is currently mostly traded on STeX Cryptocurrency Exchange. Vitae Token is a PIVx fork containing PIVx technology. Much like life, the Vitae token has a purpose that is aimed at providing prosperity through PoS (Proof-of-stake), Masternodes, Supernodes, and its Social Rewards Website.

Token Specifications

VITAE is based on BlackCoin PoS 2.0 protocol and is based on Bitcoin core 0.10.x codebase. Vitae token uses a See-Saw effect for rewards distribution, combining all reward opportunities including Proof of Stake, Masternodes, and Supernodes.

How to Buy Vitae (VITAE)

Trading Vitae (VITAE) tokens require users to know which cryptocurrency exchange is supporting this token, as well as the ‘How-to’ to purchase this cryptocurrency. Explained below is a guide to buying Vitae (VITAE) tokens:

Setting Up a Cryptocurrency Account

Users intending to buy cryptocurrencies are expected to have a registered account on whichever crypto exchange such user is to trade (e.g Coinbase). This first guide remains sacrosanct to successive trades on the exchange platform. This step might require users to register with their emails as well as set up Two-factor authentication (2FA) on the user’s account to make sure the user’s account is more secure. Users might also set up their funding sources (i.e how the user plans to purchase either Bitcoin or Ethereum). Available options are either using your Bank Account or Credit Card.

Buying Major Cryptocurrency

Since Vitae (VITAE) is an altcoin, users are to first purchase one of the large cryptocurrencies (BTC or ETH) which provides a trading opportunity for Vitae (VITAE). Users are to buy BTC or ETH with fiat money from their bank accounts or credit cards.

Investing Crypto to Purchase Vitae (VITAE):

Since the user has gotten either Bitcoin or Ethereum, the user will need to invest the acquired cryptocurrency (i.e Bitcoin or Ethereum) into the altcoin supporting crypto-exchange (i.e into a cryptocurrency exchange that allows for the exchange of BTC or ETH for VITAE). And the user must also ensure to make the right choice of trading pair (if the user had Ethereum the trading pair should be VITAE/ETH; or if it were Bitcoin, the trading pair should be VITAE/BTC).

Where to Buy Vitae (VITAE)

Here is a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that currently supports the trading of Vitae (VITAE):





Earning Vitae (VITAE)

Vitae Token is not a Proof-of-work protocol, yet, there are some ways to earn free Vitae tokens. Earning vitae tokens require users to have some Vitae in their wallets. The POS (Proof-of-stake) consensus on Vitae’s platform allows users to earn free rewards. To have more Vitae tokens might require the user to set up a master node to get more tokens. Supernodes might also be built to get the most of free Vitae. Regardless of all of these, the best of all ways to earn free vitae tokens will be through the Social Rewards of the Network’s Website. As Vitae is a Proof of Stake token, it is possible to earn tokens by Staking and through Masternodes.

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