Cardano Network Will Be Used by 3Air to Improve Africa’s Telecommunications Systems

Cardano ($ADA) Expected to Be Listed on Europe's Largest Crypto Exchange (Bitstamp)

3Air, a blockchain network concentrating on Africa, recently announced the beginning of its token presale on the 26th of this month. Both the seed sale and the first round of a private sale went off with no hitch.

Decentralization Powered by Cardano

3air intends to allow its users to transact and do business online in addition to providing Internet connectivity. Cardano’s Atala PRISM is used by the platform to make and manage verified digital identities for its users. Users of 3air can utilize their digital identities to sign up for a variety of third-party services.

They can also store verified personal data on the blockchain. Users can use their digital IDs to get credit scores. In this manner, while applying for a bank loan, for example, individuals can exhibit great credit.

3air has a long-term bandwidth sharing strategy as well. It will permit roaming and provide shared and accessible internet access in a variety of locations throughout the world. The first 3air installations will be in restaurants, shopping malls, and other populated areas.

Holders of 3Air tokens stand to gain a lot.

3Air will establish a next-generation payment ecosystem for its commodities using the 3air token on the Cardano (ADA) network. 3air can be utilized as a utility token as well as a governance token.

All 3air services are available to 3air customers. They can take part in bandwidth-sharing marketplaces and pay for infrastructure insurance and upkeep. 3air is also a great tool for community governance, staking, digital identity development, rewards incentives, and loyalty systems, as well as a tool to help referral program enthusiasts and agents.

Holders of 3air tokens can also cast votes on future strategy and resource allocation. Furthermore, their contribution will influence the evolution of the 3air ecosystem in subsequent stages.

Last Mile Project of K3

3Air worked with K3 Telecom to solve physical infrastructure concerns in low-connectivity areas, as part of its goal. In Sierra Leone, the Swiss Telecom operator already has a sizable customer base. When the platform launches, thousands of clients around the country will be among the first to use it.

The “Last Mile” program aims to link people to the Internet, IP telephony, and digital television. They’ll link it to digital systems in homes and businesses.

The 3air team claims that each of their stations covers a radius of 31 miles or more. More than 15,000 people will be able to connect to the Internet using each base station.

Each base station may give speeds of up to 1 Gbps per user. It has a throughput of around 240 times that of the average mobile communicator.

The African continent has grappled with the digital divide for decades. The majority of individuals in Africa rely on mobile internet carriers for internet access. These connections are frequently capacity-constrained, unstable, and expensive. Improved internet services are part of 3air’s initiatives to address these issues. It blends cutting-edge wireless technologies with a distributed ledger platform.

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