Boost Coin to Partner With NZT Capital

Boost Coin to Partner With NZT Capital

The Boost ecosystem’s developers have more great news to share, and it’s still early in the game. In the crypto realm, its decentralized exchange, BoostSwap, and native Boost Coin are well-known. The Boost DeFi app, which has about 16,000 users and is available on all app stores, just recently partnered with crypto hedge fund NZT Capital.

NZT Capital is a crypto-catalyst firm that promises periodic investments and has the Boost community excited about what’s to follow. The organization claims that its partnership with NZT Capital and the mid-November introduction of the Boost DeFi app will be beneficial to its growth. Experts expect that after Boost DeFi is released, the price of Boost Coin will surge to above $1.

BoostSwap boasts to have all of the advantages of its immediate competitors, such as UniSwap. Boost Coin is being promoted by first-time investors, celebrities, influencers, and strong players in the crypto sector, with nearly 9,000 owners. BoostSwap, and also the unrestricted limit order function, which now supports ETH and BNB, is live and built directly into Boost DeFi. The financial tool BoostFolio, which is a portfolio management feature, is nearly finished and will let users connect their wallets. BoostFolio, which is similar to Zerion, will be available on November 15, followed by BoostCharts.

Users of Boost DeFi can also expect BoostFarming, BoostTools (a tool similar to DexTools), a chat function, an education page, and a news tab with the most up-to-date information from prominent crypto publications. The Boost DeFi conversations feature is up and running, with an active NFT discussion as well as general crypto, general stocks, and Boost Coin chats. The Boost community has a lot to look forward to. Boost has been holding incredible freebies and contests to commemorate all of the innovations. Most recently, they gave tax and gas refunds to everyone who purchased more than 1 ETH of Boost in three hours of the launch.

Boost’s research team has been working in the blockchain field since 2014, and they, like NZT Capital, consider blockchain technology as having enormous promise. The company is optimistic about its future, even though it is still in its infancy, thanks to a new hedge fund relationship, the Boost DeFi app, and Boost Coin. The Boost Coin Twitter said it best,

“Almost 9000 holders… the key to a long term project is the holders growing daily…. A lot of people are joining our community every day. Just remember, we’re so young.”

The development of Boost DeFi will be the final piece of the puzzle that unites all of Boost’s financial capabilities in one convenient location. The partnership with NZT Capital only adds to Boost’s long-term viability in the market. So much progress has been made in such a short period. Boost can’t be turned off. Keep up with Boost on social media for interesting announcements, prizes, and more.

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