Bitcoin Is a Technological Phenomenon, Visa Executive Says

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Cuy Sheffield considers Bitcoin (BTC) and other alternative monies to be technological marvels.

Cuy Sheffield, the Head of Visa’s cryptocurrency branch, claimed that his company will continue to offer bitcoin services to its customers. Many of the company’s users consider bitcoin and other altcoins to represent the “future of money,” according to the company’s chief executive.

Visa and cryptocurrency will coexist

In a recent chat with NDTV in India, Visa’s crypto chief, Cuy Sheffield, expressed his support for digital assets and stated that his company intends to continue supplying them. Customers will be able to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies, the company will add new infrastructure capabilities and services, and it will help the burgeoning NFT sector.

The payment processor giant launched an advisory practice earlier this month, December in the hopes of helping its clients better understand the world of cryptocurrency. When asked if Visa might spread this possibility beyond India’s boundaries, Sheffield said the company will reach every country based on local regulations:

“Visa aspires to deliver its crypto advising services to clients around the world wherever there is interest, and we now offer services in markets where such transactions are legal.”

It’s worth acknowledging that the government of the world’s second-most-populous country may place stringent regulations on the cryptocurrency business in the future.

‘Bitcoin Is a Technological Phenomenon,’ says one expert

Sheffield also discussed the benefits of Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins, which are located at the “intersection of trade and culture, and it does so in a fascinating way,” according to Sheffield. He went on to say that they aren’t only a “technical phenomenon,” but also deeply cultural.

Visa’s CEO, Alfred Kelly, has demonstrated his backing for the industry by referring to bitcoin and other crypto-assets as “digital gold.”

While some Visa customers were first hesitant, the majority now feel they will be a part of the future financial system. Sheffield stated, ”

“At Visa, the breadth and scope of our crypto activity have expanded rapidly… We’ve also witnessed our clients’ attitudes on crypto change over the previous several years, from skepticism to awareness to an understanding that crypto will almost certainly influence their existing business.”

NFTs are also the way of the future

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), according to Visa’s director of crypto, are another “interesting component of the crypto ecosystem.” They could play a part in the future of retail, social media, entertainment, and commerce, according to him. Before jumping on the bandwagon, however, individuals should grasp what it takes to interact with digital collectibles.

Sheffield stated last month that before the advent of NFTs, the cryptocurrency industry appealed mostly to people interested in finance and gold. Lovers of music, entertainment, sports, and art are increasingly interested in the asset class, he said, thanks to non-fungible tokens.

Finally, Visa’s CEO noted that NFTs might help small and medium-sized firms in “powerful new ways,” as they enable them to use public blockchains to create digital goods.

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