Australians Planning to Gift Crypto for the Festive Period

Australians Planning to Gift Crypto for the Festive Period

As the festivities approach many Australians have expressed their intention of gifting their loved ones cryptocurrency or crypto-related gifts to celebrate the Christmas season. According to a survey conducted by, some crypto users, it was revealed that they would entertain the idea of gifting some of their crypto coins or purchasing items with their coins for friends and loved ones in the Christmas season.

Some of the respondents who plan on buying crypto gifts, said they plan on getting either Bitcoin or Ethereum for their family, while those that planned on getting crypto-related gifts indicated that they are contemplating crypto books as well as other crypto products, such as socks, sweatshirts and the likes during the holidays.

Other participants thought it a great idea to seize the opportunity of the giving season to set up some of their family and friends who had previously shown interest in trading with the e-coin but didn’t know how to go about it. Adding a wallet and a few bitcoin, purchasing a voucher, a coin voucher and Non-fungible tokens(NFTs)would do the magic.

All these are definite pointers that Australians are undoubtedly very eager to embrace cryptocurrencies and incorporate their use into their day to day activities for daily spending expenditure and are progressively growing their utilisation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Recent research shows that a six to one ratio of Australians now own a total asset worth eight billion dollars, with investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

However, the volatile nature and perceived danger of virtual currency remain a significant barrier to purchasing cryptocurrency for a large number of crypto abstainers. while the complexity of knowing how crypto functions is yet another huge setback for some.

Conclusively, such acts of kindness this festive season could be the push needed for more Aussie’s to see the bright side of cryptocurrency and its vast significance in the world today.

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