Atari Announced the Launch of Next-generation Blockchain Gaming Coin That Will Be Offered on BitMart

Atari Next-generation Blockchain Gaming Coin

A top-tier trading platform for exchanging, buying, and selling digital assets with over 5.5 million members worldwide, BitMart Exchange, has listed Atari Chain. BitMart Exchange is one of the top 10 exchange platforms in the Cayman Islands. BitMart now has offices in different countries which include; China, South Korea, and the United States, and operates in 180 countries over 123 platforms.

ICICB Group, a group that produced $800 million in profit in 2020 and controls over $10 billion in assets, owns half (50%) of Atari Chain. Thanks to supporters like ICICB, Atari Chain is well on its way to becoming the world’s most extensively utilized token in the entertainment business.

Token placement on a reputable platform is a signal of success for any platform, as it indicates that the crypto community is beginning to acknowledge the project’s potential. With this listing, the Atari Token will become more accessible and open to new use cases for the platform.

Atari Chain stays faithful to its gaming roots while simultaneously expanding its blockchain capabilities and services. Atari understands the issues of the many actors in the video game business at the grassroots level, thanks to many years of experience. Atari Chain has come back with an innovation that eliminates difficulties using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Atari Chain also aims to increase the revenues of the world’s enormous unbanked population, which now numbers around 1.7 billion individuals. 14.1 million adults in the United States are unbanked. Atari is also working on allowing users to earn real-world money in exchange for their virtual gaming time and effort.

In-game resources, characters, skins, and other assets that are tokenized can be more easily sold for cryptocurrency. This opens the way for the gaming business to mature and grow.

Atari Chain will help a wide range of people, not just gamers. By letting anyone in the entertainment ecosystem complete a task with a smart contract, Atari Chain will benefit all players in the entertainment industry, including developers and producers. The ATRI token will empower anyone, including the unbanked, to better their financial situation by using blockchain technology to monetize their services.

Every individual will be able to trace their piece of intellectual property via blockchain technology, guaranteeing that everyone is appropriately compensated. The token will be available on as many smart contract-based platforms as feasible around the world. While Atari Chain is starting its journey with video games, it will not be the end. This is just the beginning.

Atari suggests smart contracts as a way for increasing efficiency in the video game creation process. Smart contracts can facilitate testing and code reviews with rapid pay by establishing terms in advance. This eliminates the need for time-consuming documentation and promotes openness.

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