Understanding Shopify and How it Works: An Overview

Understanding Shopify and How it Works - An Overview

Overview of the Modern Entrepreneur’s Software, ‘Shopify’


In this world of technology and the internet, entrepreneurs need to be equipped with the right set of tools to manage, and scale their business online and even offline. Shopify is the answer, It is the embodiment of the essential business owner tools all in one platform.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the perfect e-commerce web application for a business owner. It provides the avenue for an entrepreneur to start, grow and manage a business and its activities online. Another great feature of this cloud-based application is that a Shopify business owner can also enjoy the benefits of the platform by utilizing its Point of Sale (POS) machines connected with the app.

An In-depth Analysis

For a better understanding, this author would advise the reader to picture renting a beautiful space in the center of a city for commercial purposes. Then going ahead to design the space rented with beautiful interior decorations that glorify the products intended to be sold. Moving on, imagine such a store fulfilling people’s orders, giving invoices to customers, restocking, and doing every other basic thing that’s required to run a successful business.

The picture painted above is exactly how Shopify works, except that everything will be done online. An entrepreneur can create a store, design the store with beautiful themes that would promote the products intended to be sold. Furthermore, marketing, managing, sorting payments, and shipping can be done easily on Shopify through automation from a cell phone or personal computer.

It sounds even better this can be done from anywhere in the world. All that is required to run this online store is an internet connection.

If you happen to own a physical store, you can also manage the business alongside the physical store using this online software. It solves the problem of having to use different tools for managing payments, creating invoices, shipping orders, and marketing. Shopify is an embodiment of all these tools in one system.

Understanding Shopify and How it Works

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Features of Shopify

The following are the amazing features that come with using Shopify when you sign-up to use it.

An Online Store

This is one of its unique features. It is synonymous with having your blog on WordPress or Blogspot instead of just writing boring posts, you’ll be advertising your products for sales purposes. There are varieties of themes and templates that can be chosen to suit different types of products in the Shopify theme store.

Multiple Payment Processor

Shopify provides access to more than third-party payment gateways. It has its unique payment gateway called Shopify Payments which erases all the extra stress and unpredictable outcomes that can happen with third-party applications. You can send and receive payments in more than 113 currencies.


A point-of-sale machine is one of the fastest ways of receiving payments in modern-day business. This platform comes with a feature that makes POS transactions done faster and effectively even in physical stores.

Reliable Shipping Partners

Shopify shipping allows one to create and track orders at discounted rates. It also offers local pickup and delivery options. You can also order sort shipping arrangements with reliable companies such as UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.

Mobile Office

With the mobile app, the business can be managed from anywhere in the world. From the mobile and web apps, analytics and reports can also be generated. This way one can have an idea about where and how the traffic is generated and what can be done to increase sales.

Easy Checkout

Signing up for Shopify will provide access to Shopify Checkout. Regardless of the source of the order, you can use the checkout anytime there is an order to process.

Shopify App Store

Similar to the popular Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store, the Shopify App Store contains applications that can be added to one’s online store. These apps provide more functions and features to further make business management easier. While some of the apps are free, others are premium.

Customer Support

In case of any issues, complaints, requests, or recommendations, customer support can be contacted to resolve issues and complaints. Customer support is available 24/7.


This is one of the most appealing features of Shopify. One can run effective ads on Facebook and Google directly from Shopify. The progress of these apps can also be tracked from the dashboard. It supports the proper use of SEO to rank as well.


Shopify has its core products. These core products include an online store, themes for design, payment processing, easy checking out, and advertising tools.

Its additional products and services are what help a business to scale higher. They are add-ons that offer extra functionalities to ease business operations.

Lastly, there are varieties of applications created by third parties to carry out special duties that aren’t already taken off by the mother app.

People with high technical app design and development skills can also build custom addons.

The real idea behind it is that it was created so that entrepreneurs can run their business with comfort, manage it effectively, and scale conveniently at a pace that they want.

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